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Home to both Redfin and Yellowfin Mahseers, the Dakpatthar beat also yields rare Indian Trout, Mulley and Goonch catfish. Other likely spots for fishing from here are the famous Tajuwala canal works (timing, timing) and Hathnikund. Overnight trips to the Giri river are also some great fishing routes.

This area is also a birders delight- the Asan Barrage close by is home to the rare Greater Crested Grebe, among many other waterfowl both resident and migratory. Tributaries of the Yamuna- the Tonse, Pabbar and Giri rivers are fisheries in their own rights.

The Giri is a famous springfed mahseer river and a long camping trek is the best way to get to know this beat. The Tonse and Pabbar rivers are chock full of brown trout in the upper reaches and are of the nature of large freestone rivers with fast, deep pools with big, tough fish.