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Goonch Catfish

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Goonch Catfish

The giant predatory fish Goonch is the ideal pursuit for an angler seeking the thrill of a big catch.This enormous water monster is known to grow up to 300 lbs, and landing it requires not just patience and perseverance, but a lot of tact and more than a pair of hands.

For starters, Goonch isn’t a gullible mermaid to fall for an easy lure. Anglers may dangle the most tempting bait, and yet the mighty Goonchmay swim past it with smug indifference. Days may pass before it takes notice of the angler’s invitation. And when it takes the bait, it doesn’t just pop up to the river’s surface, but may rather dig in deep and hold doggedly onto the rocks in the river bed.No amount of pulling the rod or reeling in the line may budge this stocky fish. This is where our special fishing guide’s experience and expertise come handy.

Some anglers tryto break this stalemate by hurling rocks in the captured Goonch’s vicinity to scare it to the surface. We, at India Angling, love the fish too much to cause it any harm, and prefer the more decent method of tactfully maneuvering the angle of the rod and waiting it out to prod the Goonch to shallower water.

Only the fishing line with good strain resistance can hold against this beast’s muscular bulk. Lifting the fish out of water by the sheer strength of the rod and line is simply out of the question. The angler will have to wade into the waist-deep water and cradle the Goonchin his/her arms for what could perhaps be the once-in-a-lifetime photo op before the fish is released back into the river.

The closeness also makes one appreciate why Goonch is often called the ‘giant devil catfish’. The features are indeed intimidating to deserve that title. Spiky appendages jut out of the fish’s face and chin. The mouth, when open, reveals pointed teeth you wouldn’t want to put any body part close to. The pectoral fins span like wings, and the tail can swipe with a force to land a blow if you aren’t cautious.

From baiting the Goonch out to cradling it, India Angling will guide you through this encounter with this big beast in the Ramganga River and Brahmaputra River which flows through the lush Himalayan forests in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh. The place abounds with wildlife and exotic birds. The points of fishing have been carefully chosen to ensure the best catch. The river is known to have more than a dozen species of fish. So even as you wait for the Goonch to rise to the bait, there are plenty of small fry to catch.

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